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Enterprise Outsourcing offers a multi-cloud, multi-vendor management platform. Our Cloud platforms are able to automate seamless portability between private and public clouds.  When you partner with Enterprise Outsourcing we understand the importance of adding workloads to the right places, so you get optimal performance and automatic scalability exactly when you need it and – ultimately the ability to consume your core business services on demand. Our Cloud Services follow a best in class security procedures consistently across all cloud resources, and we ensure that our cloud solutions are fully auditable.


Backup and store your valuable information.


Don’t put your business at risk by failing to save and store important information on end user devices. Cloud Back-up makes it easy for you to choose what to back up and how long to keep it . Data is encrypted for extra security, and you can predict your costs by buying storage at a fixed rate.

How Cloud Computing & Hosting benefits my business?

Some of our Cloud Offerings :


Microsoft Office 365

Email Management


Migration Services


Cloud Security

Deployment Services

Managed Services

Data Centre

Managed IT Infrastructure.

How Managed IT Infrastructure

benefits my business?

Managed IT Infrastructure.

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