Managed IT Infrastructure.

Our Solution

At Enterprise Outsourcing we understand that your Infrastructure is the heart of your organization. Enterprise Outsourcing’s management of IT infrastructure balances optimal performance with costs to ensure sustained profitability. We offer a flexible range of services that are able to grow with your business. Whether you are looking to improve cost-efficiency, streamline your IT operations or simply expand capacity, Enterprise Outsourcing has a custom solution made for your business model.


Enterprise Outsourcing selects and implements products developed by leading technology vendors to manage IT Infrastructure centered on your particular needs. Drawing on our investment approach to IT and in order to fully realise the powerful returns made possible by technology, Enterprise Outsourcing equips executives with greater control over IT performance, value chains and overall costs.

How Managed IT Infrastructure

benefits my business?

Our services help clients transition to a network path toward an intelligent infrastructure and digital transformation that would:

Forward-thinking businesses are planning now. We help businesses across all industries transition to a network that is ready to take on tomorrow’s challenges.

Bring increased reliability with a network that is always on, always available.

Enable businesses to take advantage of the latest technologies.

Improve agility and flexibility, allowing rapid deployment and provisioning of network resources.

Be dynamic and operate in real time, meeting the requirements of new applications.

Leverage virtualization and use commoditized hardware.

Reduce complexity and costs.

Network Monitoring

Enterprise Outsourcing’s Network Services provide clients with a controlled environment and competitive cost structure to deliver a user friendly experience. Effective Data Centre and IT network management relies on continuous monitoring of events across all devices on the network. This includes online server monitoring, remote server support, windows server, application server and other network device monitoring.


Enterprise Outsourcing’s remote Data Centre monitors and manages the flow of information to servers in securing reliable server solutions for our clients. Our Network Monitoring solution delivers an executive view and detailed root cause analysis in providing for further troubleshooting.


We provide on-site Network Monitoring Services at your data centre or server room to deploy vital information onto servers, applications, databases, printers, and other network devices including routers, firewalls and switches.

Desktop & Server Support

The Enterprise Outsourcing’s support team is a leader in remote Microsoft Windows server administration and Windows Server Support. Our comprehensive expertise with Windows Server technology will assist your business with planning for Windows server setup and monitoring. We also assist with ongoing Microsoft Windows Server Troubleshooting across all features such as Active Directory Services Support, DNS Technical Support, DHCP Technical Support, File & Print Server Technical Support, IIS Technical Support, Group Policy Technical Support, Terminal Services Support, as well as Microsoft Exchange Management.


Our extensive expertise includes support, migration and implementation of all Windows Server editions, Small Business editions as well as Windows Desktop editions that are provided as a service to fit your business requirements.


Enterprise Outsourcing is able to provide strategic support by focusing on the following areas:


  •     Desktop Management
  •     File and Print
  •     Messaging
  •     Server Management
  •     Field Support
  •     Mobility
  •     Remote Support
  •     Application Support


Enterprise Outsourcing reconciles the need for secure IT networks and corporate mobility by implementing strategic policies centred on your business needs. The art of balancing employee mobility, flexibility and personalisation with security mandates to regulate access control, standardise processes and ensure compliance requires a customised solution and specific policy measures.


Enterprise Outsourcing employs a range of mobility solutions, beginning with comprehensive BYOD policy planning and strategy, as well as including Mobile Device Management, Mobile Data Protection, Network Access Control and the institution of Compliance Frameworks. Our end-to-end management of distributed computing enables a secure and stable environment that promotes employee productivity within secure corporate networks.


Data Centre Services

Enterprise Outsourcing asserts that organisations should derive maximum value from data centre investments. Data security and compliance should always be assessed against a backdrop of market changes and business growth.


Our Data Centre services provide end-to-end management of computing environments which fully address challenges posed by costs, exposure and liability. Enterprise Outsourcing enables secure and stable environments in shifting data centres from high maintenance to focused high performance. To elevate performance, reduce operational costs, improve usage and increase data centre capacity, Enterprise Outsourcing implements the following services:


  •     Systems Management
  •     Storage Management
  •     Database Administration
  •     Network Management
  •     Systems Monitoring
  •     Managed Hosting & Storage
  •     Application Technical Services
  •     Hardware Management

Managed IT Infrastructure.

How Managed IT Infrastructure

benefits my business?

Managed IT Infrastructure.

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