Managed IT Security.

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Today’s evolved cyber attacks are often targeted at a specific organisation, such as a government or enterprise, and are executed by “advanced persistent threats” (APTs). This begins as an APT gains access to the target’s network and stays there, undetected, for a long period of time — with the goal of stealing data, rather than causing immediate damage.


When you turn to Enterprise Outsourcing Managed Security Services, you gain access to a proven MSSP, combining best-in-class people, process and technology, to deliver fast breach detection and remediation.


And when you need support for compliance efforts, our experts can help define, manage and validate your policies and other compliance goals. We provide dedicated support for infrastructure security assessments, plus advanced monitoring and logging solutions.


Enterprise Outsourcing has deployed and continues to administer a

leading managed security infrastructure. Our Managed Security unit

provides clients with a Central Control Centre to manage their information

security with a 24/7 proactive monitoring service.

How Managed IT Security

benefits my business?

Some of our Security offerings:


Enterprise Outsourcing incorporates a combination of firewalls to protect its own perimeter from threats, including solutions such as Symantec Enterprise Firewalls to Firewall 1.


Our policy is that security starts with an organisations’ perimeter. Securing an organisation involves controlling what enters and leaves their network. Due to the fact that organisations and their employees are becoming more and more mobile, access to information is required anywhere at any point in time and it is imperative that this information is delivered securely and that no perimeter is ever breached.

Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS)

At Enterprise Outsourcing, we make use of one of the leading IPS technologies to enable out team to monitor our network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Not only do we monitor our networks for any sign of suspicious activity, we can also block this activity until we are able to establish the nature and potential dangers of it. This technology allows us to be more proactive in reducing

risks to our organisations security.

Internet Protection

Content security has become increasingly important in organisations today, especially due to the extensive amount of content available online and the South African legislation stating that companies identify what information

their users have access to.

Managed IT Infrastructure.

How Managed IT Infrastructure

benefits my business?

Managed IT Infrastructure.

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