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Cloud Storage

Store and access your files on the cloud from anywhere and from any device.

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Secured Encryption

With end-to-end encryption sharing your files externally is secure and easy.

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File Sharing

Share files with colleagues, clients and suppliers, anytime, anywhere.

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Access on any device

Access Kosmos Vault on any device. Desktop, tablet or mobile.

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Track file changes

You can track file changes in real time making sharing and collaborating really easy.

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Easily set up workflows and allow your teams to approve work on the go in any scenario.



Access your files securely from anywhere in the world

Kosmos Vault allows for end-to-end encryption when sharing your files externally. This application is also usable on any device anywhere.


A secure solution with Single Sign On capability

Kosmos Vault features built-in account management with optional two-factor authentication support and integration with external user directories like LDAP or IMAP, SMB, FTP and more.

Digital Files Management Application

Kosmos Vault’s solution will transform your paper filing system into a streamlined, cloud-based, digital filing system.

This digital file management application is an on-premise, open source solution which enables Enterprise file storing and sharing. The encryption of files ensures that your documents will always be secure and with the full backup functionalities enabled, you will never lose your data.

The application can be used on any device, from anywhere. It is quick and easy to deploy, allows for complex workflow management as well as tracked file changes. Built-in account management with optional two-factor authentication support as well as integration with external user directories, makes this the perfect solution for any business.



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