CEO’s: Don’t choose the wrong Technology Partner

17 October 2017


“Our client’s workforce need to improve on speed and agility to be able to make faster decisions based on solid information to drive a competitive advantage.”

– Schalk van der Merwe, CTO of Enterprise Outsourcing

CEO’s are driven by efficiency and progress. They demand accountability and need a business technology partner that will meet the challenges during this time of global economic upheaval. They want to ensure their company is not missing out on opportunities that can streamline their processes and impact the bottom line.

Against this bleak backdrop, it’s heartening to see a group of business leaders who partner with their strategic technology partners who have a proven track record that allows them to stick around and implement long-term strategies together.

When it comes to choosing a technology partner most business leaders want partners that are able to guide them on the latest technology trends and support CEO’s with their business strategy. “Our client’s workforce need to improve on speed and agility to be able to make faster decisions based on solid information to drive a competitive advantage,” Van der Merwe says, CTO of Enterprise Outsourcing.

We find that most CEO’s know their companies need to change, yet they haven’t seen a lot of investment in ERP systems but they are seeing that multiple ERP systems within their organization are not harmonized or are just antiquated.

Also, the growing trend on cloud-based platforms can help reduce costs as well as improve the company’s go-to-market agility. We find that most organizations need to simplify the integration of multiple data sources and make information readily available to a very mobile workforce. So it’s little surprise that more than half of the CEOs surveyed, anticipate investing in ERP or finance systems within the next three years, while 44% said they see technology investments ahead in big-vision support and analytics. This is why choosing a technology partner is so important.

Over the years, we have evolved from being a traditional partner to a technology partner where CEO’s demand more and more from us to guide them in innovation and trends.

It has been our experience that CEO’s are demanding the following from their technology partners:

A Consistent Innovator
CEOs want ideas—with a capital ‘I”—from their technology partners. Not the tinkering-around-in-an-ivory-tower type of innovation, but the kind that pumps up the top line. The demand for technology partners to justify the expense by demonstrating how technology delivers on successful metrics like acquisition, retention, and cross-selling can increase their chances for success.

A Business Strategist
CEO’s are not just looking for anyone; they want a “seat-at-the-table” business partner who will guide them in a highly digitalized world.

A Capable Crisis Manager
Crisis and tremors in technology are unavoidable and happen all the time. CEO’s understand this but want a partner that can handle these unavoidable issues on demand and efficiently. In today’s highly connected world downtime equates to loss of bottom line.

Data Manager
To keep up, leaders demand that partners are forward-thinking, analytical experts, who can assist them in managing their growing data needs.

Security Threats
Due to increase in Cyber Risks, information security will be and still is high up on the CEO’s agenda. CEO’s will demand a partner that can assure them that their organization is secure and protected from external and internal threats.

In Summary, choosing the correct IT business partner will assist CEO’s in executing their business strategy as well as support them in implementing, maintaining and protecting vital IT Systems, ultimately adding to their top line.

    9 February 2018