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Advanced security solutions
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your application

End-to-end protection that is reliable and responsive

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Cost effective IT and data processing solutions.

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Seamless security integrations
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Validate users, scan, mitigate and remove malware on your application
Intertwine your application with accessible security solutions. Guarantee a user-friendly experience that is secure. Enterprise Outsourcing values secure technology solutions, we implement security measures into your business application to keep your users and business secure from malware. Our application security includes access control that validates every users to prevent any data-loss from occurring. Application security is a necessity as it protects your client information and guarantees secure transactions. Protect your business and your clients through powerful and innovative solutions.
Applications streamline the way that your do business, protecting it should not be a mission. We secure your entire application through the use of firewalls, our firewalls protects your business from all forms of vulnerabilities. We offer flexible security solutions that safeguard your users and your business. Grant your business the ability to grow through the use of applications that are encrypted with our security solutions. We have extended our security solutions to include the protection of your cloud based applications. Take the proactive measure to scan, mitigate and remove malware from your application.

Empower your business brand through
and global security solutions

Real-time protection that powers your business

Protect your
brand image

Dimish latency and
create reliability

Protect sensitive
client information

Prevent data-loss
and cyberattacks

Improved security solutions that
security threats

Security solution that is compatible for all applications and devices

Extended scanning

Our application security solution includes extended scanning to monitor your application for any malware. We scan, mitigate and remove all forms of malware from your application. We have automated our scanning to be permanent. Give your business an innovative solution that removes all types of malware.

Logging Feature

Log any malware or breach in your application. We implement a support solution that is 24/7 and end-to-end to resolve your technical problems. We have a user-friendly support solution that logs your problem and is fast tracked to prevent any major damage. Equip your business application with user-friendly support solution.


We offer your application a multi-facet security solution to scan, mitigate and remove security threats. Our security solution includes access control to authorize every users and prevent data-loss from occurring. We implement security testing to uncover any new vulnerabilities in the latest update of your application.


Give your business the ability to intertwine your cloud solution with your business application. We have the abilities to make your application cloud based to promote global access that is secure. We offer your business a scalable solution that is promoted through cloud storage. Grow your business abilities through secure applications.

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way you do business

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A leader of cyber security
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business IT infrastructure.

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Tshipi e Ntle
Manganese Mining
Carel Malan- CFO

Enterprise Outsourcing enables us to engage worldwide with our partners and customers via voice and data systems.


Mike Benfield- CIO

EO has been monitoring and reporting on our WAN performance and outages with great efficiency.

treasury One

Treasury One
Hennie de Klerk- Head

Our experience with EO at any level has been professional and response times to queries or requests are exceptional.


Sabvest Limited
Leon Rood- Executive Director

We are a satisfied client of Enterprise Outsourcing for more than a decade.

Astral Foods

Astral Foods
Evert Potgieter- Director

EO has been a business partner to Astral since 2001, adding value to the success of the group.


Ryan Cane- PreSales Manager

Enterprise Outsourcing helps us streamline internal processes and engage with our clients effortlessly and effectively.

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