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Annual code challenge sponsorship

Application Development continues to be a fast-growing,
in-demand technology that is rapidly changing the way organizations do business.

Benefits of Outsouricng your IT infrastructure

Companies outsource primarily to cut costs, but today,
it is not only about cutting cost but also about reaping
the benefits of strategic outsourcing.

How we can protect you from ransomware

There are several different ways that ransomware can
infect your computer or even your entire business.

Business and IT alignment drives digitization

A successful digital transformation approach is built upon
the enterprise ensuring that its business and IT strategies
are in perfect, complementary alignment.

Local Shack, Pilot Procurement Platform

Centralized procurement systems help companies facilitate expenditure analysis, predict what's needed, reduce costs, and almost always help increase profits.

Procurement solutions helps reduce cost

Electronic procurement systems help to reduce cost, maintain optimal stock levels and ultimately assist in providing high-quality customer service.

Make the Right Move in the Analytics Game

In today's world, where the customer experience is more vital than ever before, predictive analytics offers organizations a simpler way to obtain a holistic view of their clients.

Chatime Group, Pilot Procurement Platform

Chatime Group and Enterprise Outsourcing Australia have jointly launched a new digital procurement platform using predictive analytics technology.

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