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Hybrid cloud is a combination of both the public cloud and the private cloud for your business storage. Hybrid cloud is the access your business has to multiple cloud vendors. Hybrid cloud storage grants your business more flexibility in regards to storage space, and monitoring of your cloud storage. Enterprise Outsourcing assists your business in migrating to hybrid cloud, and ensuring that security measures are in place to protect your database. Hybrid cloud is a unified cloud that uses both public cloud onsite vendors, meaning your business stores data on site and it also uses private cloud to store data on an off-site vendor to grant more security to the files.
We assist in the setup of all your hybrid cloud needs, to aid in the rapid adoption of hybrid cloud storage. Hybrid cloud is a cost-effective way for your business to increase in scalability and profitability. We ensure that the hybrid cloud you use has continuous user-friendly experience to safeguard all your data. We aid your business with cloud support, to protect your business from any downtime.
“Hybrid cloud is a cost-effective way for your business to increase in scalability and profitability.”

Enhance your workforce with
a remote storage solution

Maximize your business efficiency with a flexible cloud storage solution.





Additional Cloud services

Web Hosting

Optimize your business abilities through secure and accessible web hosting solutions that broadcast your business on a global scale.

Private Cloud

Private cloud is only accessible by your business, and therefore it grants a deeper level of security to your data.

Public Cloud

Multi-tenant cloud computing that is a conveniently accessible and flexible to use.

Cloud Storage

We host your cloud database, granting accessible uploads and the automation of your backups.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Intertwine your cloud solution with dedicated hosting servers to boost your accessibility and security on your files, application and website.

Disaster Recovery

Enterprise Outsourcing manages your cloud hosting needs, and sets in place a recovery plan to prevent any data-loss.

Cloud Backup

A cloud backup solution that is scalable, powerful and compatible to all devices.

Managed Dedicated Server Hosting

Embrace the digital solution that offers your business flexibility, scalability and protection

Cloud Server Hosting

Move your business to the cloud with an eco-friendly solution that promotes scalability and flexibility in your business.

Linux Hosting

Host your website or cloud services on an open source and secure server that is customizable to fit your business needs.

Windows Hosting

User-friendly hosting solution that is accessible and effective to digitize your business in the modern age.

Enterprise Hosting

Dedicated hosting abilities that promote security and scalability for your business.

Managed Cloud Hosting

Improve your cloud infrastructure through resource accessibility and scalability that innovate your hosting solution.

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Tshipi e Ntle
Manganese Mining
 Carel Malan- CFO

Enterprise Outsourcing enables us to engage worldwide with our partners and customers via voice and data systems.


 Mike Benfield- CIO

EO has been monitoring and reporting on our WAN performance and outages with great efficiency.

treasury One

Treasury One
 Hennie de Klerk- Head

Our experience with EO at any level has been professional and response times to queries or requests are exceptional.


Sabvest Limited
 Leon Rood- Executive Director

We are a satisfied client of Enterprise Outsourcing for more than a decade.

Astral Foods

Astral Foods
 Evert Potgieter- Director

EO has been a business partner to Astral since 2001, adding value to the success of the group.


 Ryan Cane- PreSales Manager

Enterprise Outsourcing helps us streamline internal processes and engage with our clients effortlessly and effectively.

Embrace the
digital future with us

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