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Prevent fraud, brand bashing and false documentation through digital certificates. Enterprise Outsourcing provides your business with digital certificates that legally protects your business from any form of fraud. We offer SSL certificates that protect your business data by encrypting connections between the browser and server to prevent the misuse of your business information. We also offer Code signing certificates that sign your business program and has the ability to verify the author to prevent corruption by a third party. Choose between multiple certificates that ensures correct documents have been received by the recipient and that it has not been altered. We offer your business a unique set of tools that prevent any form of data breach of information leaks. Safeguard your business through legal certificates.
Our certificate service protects your business application, database, network and devices. Safeguard your sensitive information from corruption or alterations by taking legal steps and acquiring valid and legal certificates. Manage all your certificates from one cloud based portal that is automated to ensure extended protection and enables accessibility on a global scale.
“Our certificate service protects your business application, database, network and devices.”

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Our Certificate vendors

Embrace the digital future with our vendors


Digicert focuses on digital security. They are a certificate
authority as well as trusted third party.



Sectigo is a leading cybersecurity provider of
digital identity solutions

Additional cyber security services

Strategy Review

Enterprise Outsourcing reviews your entire business, including the security for your employees and clientele.


Early detection of security threats assists in keeping your business and information more secure.


Modern technology brings versatile and stronger cyber security threats that need up to date security solutions.


Protect your network from infiltrators, with a secure firewall that is flexible.

End-Point Protection

Secure your business by encrypting your devices with endpoint security.

Patch Management

Heighten your cyber resilience with regular and remote patch updates that protect vulnerabilities in your network.

Mobile Security

Devices have simplified the way we do business, this leads to the need to protect your personnel and business information.

Single Sign -on

Streamline your login process through single sign-on that permits access to all your business application through on username and password.

Monitoring, Alerts & Compliance

Tailored security solution that enables unique policy solutions to be monitored and streamlines the early detection of violations.

20 Years experience serving
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Embrace the digital future with us.

Tshipi e Ntle
Manganese Mining
 Carel Malan- CFO

Enterprise Outsourcing enables us to engage worldwide with our partners and customers via voice and data systems.


 Mike Benfield- CIO

EO has been monitoring and reporting on our WAN performance and outages with great efficiency.

treasury One

Treasury One
 Hennie de Klerk- Head

Our experience with EO at any level has been professional and response times to queries or requests are exceptional.


Sabvest Limited
 Leon Rood- Executive Director

We are a satisfied client of Enterprise Outsourcing for more than a decade.

Astral Foods

Astral Foods
 Evert Potgieter- Director

EO has been a business partner to Astral since 2001, adding value to the success of the group.


 Ryan Cane- PreSales Manager

Enterprise Outsourcing helps us streamline internal processes and engage with our clients effortlessly and effectively.

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