Managed Cloud Hosting, For Any Business

27 June 2022
The world has drastically changed due to the Covid-19 virus, many businesses have been impacted and most employees have been told to work from home. Businesses have looked at cloud as a solution to fast track the work from home process. Enterprise Outsourcing enables its clients to securely work from any location with our innovative cloud solutions tailored to any business.
Our innovative managed cloud hosting product gives your business secure access to the cloud, ensuring that it is dedicated to meet your business needs. Our solution is both scalable and secure. We ensure your business and encrypted data is secure with powerful cyber security and 24/7 support. Easily access all your business data from anywhere, any time and on any device.
Managed Cloud Hosting is an advanced digital solution that enables your business competitive advantage, we securely host your servers, monitor and maintain them and protect them from unauthorized access. We implement cloud servers that are scalable, ensuring that as your business grows, so does your cloud capabilities.
We give your business the ability to customize your cloud server to fit your business needs. With our user-friendly cloud servers, you do not have to be an IT guru to understand and use them. We assist your business every step of the way by configuring the server correctly for you. We offer 24/7 global end-to-end support for our clients.
Our IT professionals protect your cloud server with security solutions such as firewalls and identity access management to safeguard your business data from unknown and unauthorized users. We know the value in protecting business data, and that is why we implement solutions that are secure, up to date and well tested.
With our disaster recovery and management solution, we can quickly detect, mitigate and prevent future threats, all while ensuring any data lost is recovered swiftly and securely. We update your disaster recovery solution with every backup that is performed to ensure business continuity even in the most difficult times.
The Managed Cloud Hosting solution that we offer includes continuous monitoring, this means our IT professionals monitor your cloud servers 24/7 to ensure that no corrupted files have been uploaded. And we ensure that any cyber threats are detected early on and prevented to ensure the full protection of your business.
We use private cloud for all our managed cloud hosting solutions, to guarantee protection of all your files. With our managed cloud hosting solution, your business can enjoy the hassle-free solution of uploading your business files to the cloud, without the need to monitor or manage it yourself. Our innovative managed cloud hosting solution streamlines all your cloud requirements in one secure solution.
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