Emails have become a staple communication method used in any organisation. Businesses rely on emails as one of their main sources for sending and receiving information from their team members and customers. Email protection has become an integral part of keeping company information secure.
Email security and email encryption are vital words that organisation have learned and value in the day-to-day operations. Email security is the implementation of procedures and techniques that protect email accounts and devices by monitoring the accounts, content and prevent unauthorised access that compromise business data or loss in the company.
Email security is created to ensure protected communication between the sender and the receiver. Hackers try different methods to hack businesses and gain access to their private information. It is the responsibility of the organisation to implement email security solutions to enhance the protection of their emails.
Implementing security policies for emails is a secure method to protecting any incoming or outgoing emails. Policies also protect your workforces from clicking on links that are not secure. Policies protect both workforces and devices from being encrypted or hacked.
Enterprise Outsourcing is a leader in cyber security protection. We assist businesses in implementing comprehensive, robust email cyber security solutions that are tailored to meet the unique requirements and policies of any business in any industry.
We implement content inspection that scans each mail before it is sent or received and automatically, based on policies, block the message that has the dangerous link in it. Furthermore, we implement certain policies and words that are automatically detected to prevent any damage from occurring to your device or to your users.
Our content inspection solution protects your users from sending or accessing sensitive data that is not directed at them. Protect sensitive company information secure with the ability to scan and block certain senders and receivers from the information.
Enterprise Outsourcing offers businesses the ability to protect emails n any device from anywhere. We strive to prioritise the protection of your privacy by implementing comprehensive cyber security that includes mobile devices. Enhance your business protection with a tailored email cyber security solution.
Our email management solution includes all your email needs from mailbox creation to hosting to email archiving. Comprehensive email management solution that takes care of your corporate email while you worry about day to day operations.
We manage and monitor your email cyber security solution to ensure that your emails are protected even when you are not in the office. Our cyber security solutions include 24/7 support to minimize your downtime and to fast track the detection and mitigation of cyber security threats.
We implement tailored policies that include white listing and blacklisting to prevent scam, spam, or phishing mails from entering your mailbox. Protect your business with a tailored email protection solution that is tested to ensure advanced protection against hackers.
Gain a competitive advantage with a trusted cyber security provider that ensure complete and scalable protection of your emails. Prevent data-loss by protecting your email servers and devices with an email protection solution that ensure real time communication while encrypting your sensitive information and block unwanted content. Protect your business by protecting your business emails.
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