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Conquer your digital experience through effective migration.
Migrate your business with confidence. Enterprise Outsourcing assists your business through the entire migration process. We analyse your business and the aspects you want to migrate to prepare our IT teams, we also implement extra security measures before we migrate your business to protect your business from security threats during the migration process. We migrate your business in one move. We assist in the migration of your cloud storage. We do not implement any changes to your existing storage infrastructure, to ensure that your business can surpass its set goals and operate as per usual.
Remove the risk of data-loss during the migration of your cloud or application services and let us migrate it for you. Our migration services is a method to increase your business productivity. We migrate your back up servers as well to ensure that your disaster recovery plan is always in place.
“We offer a professional and secure migration service, to prevent any downtime.”

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with a remote solution

Multi-facet migration solutions for your business.

Professional migration

We offer professional migration solutions that move your business into the digital age. We do not change or tamper with you data files during the migration process. We value your trust to safeguard your information during the process. We have a specialized IT team that value your privacy by keeping your data safe.

Complete migration

We offer complete migration solutions to your business. We migrate your business to the cloud. We migrate your business to modern telecommunication solutions. Our migration solutions are there to move your business into the digital future in a secure and remote method to limit your business downtime.

Migration validation

We offer validation services that analyse your business to find the most secure and reliable migration solution. We validate your business to migrate your business without any downtime. We use AI to validate your business to have accurate insight to assist us in migrating your business into the digital future.

Extensive monitoring

Our migration solution includes extended monitoring. We migrate your business data and monitor it after the entire process. We establish that the migration process was complete and that all your systems are performing as usual and that no data-loss or malware has entered your system.

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Tshipi e Ntle
Manganese Mining
Carel Malan- CFO

Enterprise Outsourcing enables us to engage worldwide with our partners and customers via voice and data systems.


Mike Benfield- CIO

EO has been monitoring and reporting on our WAN performance and outages with great efficiency.

treasury One

Treasury One
Hennie de Klerk- Head

Our experience with EO at any level has been professional and response times to queries or requests are exceptional.


Sabvest Limited
Leon Rood- Executive Director

We are a satisfied client of Enterprise Outsourcing for more than a decade.

Astral Foods

Astral Foods
Evert Potgieter- Director

EO has been a business partner to Astral since 2001, adding value to the success of the group.


Ryan Cane- PreSales Manager

Enterprise Outsourcing helps us streamline internal processes and engage with our clients effortlessly and effectively.

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