Tailoring Cloud Strategies To Fit Your Organisation

26 April 2022
Cloud technology has become a mainstream practice for any business. Through hybrid working, businesses had to go through digital transformation and to implement effective cloud strategies that suite their organisation’s needs. Each cloud environment is unique, and therefore it requires a unique solution.
Before the adoption and migration to any cloud environment, businesses have to create a cloud strategy. A cloud strategy is a key point of view on the role and outcomes that an organisation requires from their cloud solution.
The demands and requirements for cloud solutions differ from organisation to organisation. At Enterprise Outsourcing, we help you to define the best and tailored cloud strategy that is scalable and secure to your unique requirements. Through our years of expertise, we are able to assist you in recommending a suitable solution that will be reliable and help your business grow.
Tailoring your cloud strategy is a key part in maximizing your return on investment while working within your budget. Reach your business goals with a tailored cloud strategy that does not try to put your requirements into one box, but rather tailor a unique solution that is suitable to your unique needs.
To avoid any mistakes when it comes to a cloud strategy, each organisation has to look at the 3 c’s before they can choose their unique strategy.
The first C is Capabilities. Before implementing a cloud strategy, a business has to look at all the cloud options available to ensure that the choice they are making fit with the capabilities and requirement that they require. Taking a look at the different options is a good approach to finding a suitable solution that will handle your workload and offer scalability that is required. Selecting the first option is not always the right move, as certain options have limitations that will lead to frustration that could have been avoided if the organisation looked at the capabilities and their requirements.
The second C is Cyber security. The workloads and data that is stored and accessed through a chosen cloud option has to be discussed, as not all cloud options offer cyber security protection. Prioritizing the protection of data that goes in and out of a cloud solution is important, as it will protect the reputation of any business. Prevent the mistake of implementing a cloud strategy and solution that does not value the protection of sensitive business data.
The third C is Cost. Looking at all aspects before implementing a cloud strategy is to look at cost, especially in the long-term. A cloud solution may seem cost-effective at the beginning, but the implementation of other services could lead to an unexpected increase in the pricing. Thorough planning and research will help prevent the mistake of implementing a wrong cloud strategy and option that is not cost-effective.
With Enterprise Outsourcing, we help you define your cloud needs and tailor a unique strategy that meets your requirements. All our cloud strategies and options have an array of capabilities that are tailored to ensure your business can flourish with our solution.
We have strategically implemented robust cyber security within any cloud strategy or option that protects all the data of your business going in or out. WE offer 24/7 end to end on demand support to minimize your downtime and to ensure business continuity.
Our cloud strategies and options are on fixed pricing, meaning there are no hidden costs in the long run. Our secure, scalable solutions offer you the ability to focus on your business while we manage and monitor your cloud solution.
Cloud strategies are about defining the role that cloud will play within your organisation, and to prevent from making any mistakes it is critical to look at all aspects regarding cloud hosting. With Enterprise Outsourcing we look at all aspects with you and determine a tailored strategy that is secure, cost-effective, and scalable to your business needs.
Choose a leading cloud provider with over 20 years of expertise to tailor your cloud strategy that will help your business flourish whether in office or remotely.
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