07 April 2022
Cyberattacks are on the rise with the world becoming more digital. Companies had to implement new solutions that protect their employees from the COVID – 19 virus. Majority of companies switched over to remote working for their employees, this had to happen in a few days’ time. Many companies fast tracked the move to remote working without the implementation of cyber security. The lack of cyber security made many businesses an easier target for cyberattacks.
As more companies get hit with cyberattacks the amount of ransomware charged to them has doubled in the past year. The increase of ransomware amounts has highlighted the increased complexity of the attacks. Cyber attackers have showcased that they want to infiltrate companies deeper as they want to extract more information and money from each company.
A new form of cyber threats have surfaced. Attackers infiltrate different companies and freeze their information until the ransom requested has been paid. Attackers extract information from companies, not only to publish the data online if the ransom is not paid, but to also use that information to target new businesses. Through all the data that is extracted they have the ability to blackmail the clients of different businesses.
Threats have increased to become “wireless attacks” this is a form of cyberattack that occurs when a user makes an error and clicks on a suspicious link or opening an attachment from an untrusted source. This form of attack infiltrates the operating system of a computer and “lives” in the RAM memory of devices, making it more difficult for antivirus software to uncover and mitigate them.
Enterprise Outsourcing offers robust security solutions that safeguard businesses from different forms of cyberattacks. We offer solutions such as web and mail marshalls that protect your business by blocking dangerous websites and emails, thereby protecting your business from making human errors and clicking of suspicious links or attachments.
We have partnered with multiple cyber security software companies to offer all our clients robust security solutions that are tested, managed and supported. Our professional team of IT and Cyber Security professionals monitor all of your business devices to ensure that any form of cyber security threat is detected, mitigated and removed from your devices. Our 20 years of experience has enabled us to learn and implement solutions that proactively protects your business from ransomware.
We have tailored our security solutions to fit any business size. Through seamless integration we protect businesses from multiple forms of cyberattacks. Our security solutions include 24/7 proactive monitoring and support to ensure that our clients are protected.
Our highly skilled cyber security team work around the clock to ensure that all threats are detected before they can even take place. Our qualified team is ready to prevent any attacks from occurring with the use of modern, innovative and secure technology.
Through tailored security solutions we have utilized our 20 years of experience to offer robust, resilient cyber security protection that prevents any malicious entry to your business. Our proactive monitoring has streamlined our processes to mitigate and eliminate any cyber threats. Even with cyberattacks on the rise Enterprise Outsourcing can protect your business from multiple cyber threats whether you are at home or in the office, your business will always be secure.
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