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Driving enterprise innovation with reliable, agile cloud solutions

Cyber Security

Transform your business and manage risk with tailored solutions


Revamp the way you do business with our innovative applications.

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of Enterprise Outsourcing

Revamp the way you do business with secure digital solutions that enhance your productivity.


Revamp the way you do business with our innovative applications.



Make precision a reality through the power of our data solutions.



Capture the essence of private cloud and AI for your business.


Digital Transformation

Deliver value to customers with digital solutions that drive your business forward.


Managed Hosting

Build your future with leading technologies that increase business efficiency.


Cyber Security

Transform your business and manage risk with trusted cyber security solutions.



Uncapped quality with our enhanced communication solutions.


Professional Services

20 years experience in establishing competitive advantage.


Service Desk

24/7 client support enabling seamless, digital organizations.

Extraordinary services built to
our clients

Migrate your business securely into the digital future with Enterprise Outsourcing.

Cost effective modern technology solutions that facilitate your business.

Cross platform integration designed to boost your business’ performance.

We take high-level risks to ensure your business is protected.

Digital innovation that enhances your business’ productivity.

Consolidate your operations to streamline the way you do business.

Enterprise Outsourcing enables business growth through technology.

Providing value to our clients enabling their competitive advantage.

Improved customer experience, through digital innovation.

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Made to Innovate

Invest in your business with

Promote excellence in your business with streamlined applications.

Digital Files Management

Reimagine productivity with our digital files
management solution.

Transform your paper filing system into a streamlined, cloud-based, digital filing system. A source of actionable insight, revealing important information wherever you are.
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Cloud Backup

Our all-in-one backup and recovery digital

With our cloud backup solution, you can easily and securely backup, manage or recover your data and vital business information from any device.

Procurement Management

Effortlessly run your business from procurement
to pay.​

Digitally designed with robust technology to bring your workforce together with streamlined scheduling, effortless communication and information at your fingertips.

Workforce Management

Bring your workforce to life with innovative

A procurement software built to help organizations through advanced predictive ordering and real time sales data for enhanced production planning.

20 Years of experience in serving
clients globally

Reconstructing businesses to function without limitations in the digital era
for increased agility and innovation.

Tshipi e Ntle
Manganese Mining
 Carel Malan- CFO

Enterprise Outsourcing enables us to engage worldwide with our partners and customers via voice and data systems.


 Mike Benfield- CIO

EO has been monitoring and reporting on our WAN performance and outages with great efficiency.

treasury One

Treasury One
 Hennie de Klerk- Head

Our experience with EO at any level has been professional and response times to queries or requests are exceptional.


Sabvest Limited 
Leon Rood- Executive Director

We are a satisfied client of Enterprise Outsourcing for more than a decade.

Astral Foods

Astral Foods
 Evert Potgieter- Director

EO has been a business partner to Astral since 2001, adding value to the success of the group.


 Ryan Cane- PreSales Manager

Enterprise Outsourcing helps us streamline internal processes and engage with our clients effortlessly and effectively.

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Annual code challenge sponsorship

Application Development continues to be a fast-growing, in-demand technology that is rapidly changing the way organizations do business.

Benefits of Outsourcing your IT infrastructure

Companies outsource primarily to cut costs, but today, it is not only about cutting cost but also about reaping the benefits of strategic outsourcing.

How we can protect you from ransomware

There are several different ways that ransomware can infect
your computer or even your entire business.

Business and IT alignment drives digitisation

A successful digital transformation approach is built upon the enterprise ensuring that its business and IT strategies are in perfect, complementary alignment.

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