Industry specific solutions for any business

Reliable technology execution solutions for cost effective and seamless integrations to simplify processes through best practices. We focus on your IT while you focus on the business side.

Restaurant & Hospitality

Pre-integration for advanced assistance and capabilities.

Consumer goods and services

Meeting the demands of all consumers with technology.

Financial services

Accurate and secure financial data technology solutions.

Mining and energy

Automation, cloud storage and security solutions tailored to mining industries.

Professional Services

Automation, cloud storage and security solutions tailored to mining industries.

Manufacturing Industry

Boosting your manufacturing processes with end-to-end IT solutions


Streamlining healthcare operations with dedicated IT


Restaurant and Hospitality

Enterprise Outsourcing has a long standing Technology Practice with exclusive focus in providing robust, integrated and insightful solutions to the Restaurant industry.


Consumer goods and services

Maintain positive relationships with consumers while meeting their demands. We provide cyber protection that protects the data and information of consumers while offering real time analytics.


Mining and Energy Services

Sustainable resource management with innovation and automation that protect workforce. We provide secure remote digital access with centralized storage to real time analytics for comprehensive resource agility.


Financial Services

Complex financial asset management for future based investments and transformation. We enable real time analytics and secure asset management while providing up to date information to for investors.


Professional Services

Expertise that offer Services specialised services to meet the ever changing Services demands of consumers. Our trained experts offer comprehensive solutions and take care of all IT needs while they focus on other business processes.


Manufacturing Industry

Embrace the future of manufacturing with our tailored IT solutions that optimize processes, maximize efficiency, and drive profitability. Trust in our expertise and let us secure your manufacturing future. .



Tailored IT solutions for healthcare are customized technology solutions designed to meet the specific needs of healthcare organizations. We help optimise your operations with comprehensive services that we manage and monitor for you.

Explore our Industry Benefits

Gain a competitive advantage with Enterprise Outsourcing


IT solutions that is flexible and scalable to any industry.


Reliable and secure IT solutions that enhance protection and optimization.

Global Access

Cloud solutions for access from anywhere, any time and any location.

Three ways Enterprise Outsourcing innovates your business:


Complete assessment and consultation

Expert IT professionals assess current processes and create a tailored IT strategy that will enhance business processes while being cost effective.


Remote and on site setup and execution

Seamless integration and execution of the tailored IT strategy to ensure that business processes continue as usual while being optimized.


Continuous monitoring and maintenance

Dedicated teams that monitor and manage IT solutions to allow businesses to focus on business aspects and processes while we focus on your IT needs.

Trained IT professionals dedicated for any industry.

About Us

Enterprise Outsourcing enables a competitive advantage for any sized business on a global scale through innovative, secure, managed and tailored digital solutions.

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