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19 September 2022
The looming danger of climate change has highlighted the need to create a more sustainable living in our society. Businesses have been urged to create eco-friendly work environments to enable sustainability on the work front. Enterprise Outsourcing have implemented new and creative measures to enable sustainability in our offices.
We have implemented multiple solutions in our offices to create sustainability for our enterprise and our employees. Through the implementation of water based air conditioning to a digital HR solution to employee initiatives, we have created measures to minimize our wastage and create a better living environment for the next generation.
Water based air conditioning:
Enterprise Outsourcing has installed water based air conditioning solution in the entire offices to minimize the wastage of both water and electricity. Our water based solution reuses the water in the system to minimize water wastage through a robust filtering system that eliminates bacteria through the continuous moving of water that is pushed through the system to cool the offices down in the summers.
Our water based cooling system minimized our carbon footprint with the use of water that cools the entire process instead of using electricity. Not only do we minimize our carbon footprint, but we have eliminated the use of dangerous chemicals with our water based system. Our system filters water and eliminates the use of chemicals to ensure clean air. Through robust filters, the cold air is filtered and the water too to ensure clean air and to protect our employees from water based bacteria.
We have used local manufacturers to implement our cooling system to enable sustainability in our own local economy. We have aligned our sustainability vision with local vendors who have the same goals as we do, to enable a better tomorrow for the next generation through innovative technology solutions.
Digital office solutions:
One of our solutions is to go green and minimize our paper wastage. We have implemented team servers to fast track the sharing of projects and documents. With digital team servers, we have enhanced our document storage abilities to be digital and accessible. Through digital servers, we have eliminated the unnecessary need for printing by linking the correct members in teams. We have fast tracked our project timelines through team servers that are accessible from the employee devices.
Enterprise Outsourcing has created the digital solution named HR Artis to fast track all HR needs. We have implemented this solution in our own company to minimize our paper wastage. HR Artis has minimized our paper usage to bare minimum as we digitally upload employee documents to their profiles to enable effective access. Through HR Artis, we have fast tracked our attendance solution to be digital and to eliminate the usage of a paper attendance software solution.
We have installed digital file sharing solutions in all of our boardrooms to eliminate the printing of meeting agendas. Through the use of Air play and Chrome cast, we empower every member in the boardrooms to have the ability to share their presentation and agendas to the entire boardroom without using paper. Our digital solutions have minimized our paper usage efficiently and thereby creating sustainability in our offices.
Enterprise Outsourcing has uncovered the wastage of electricity through lights that are on when no people are in the room. We have therefore implemented motion sensors in all our boardrooms to enable the saving of electricity and minimizing our carbon footprint. Our motion sensors are activated when the doors are opened and if there is continuous movement, otherwise the light switch off to minimize the use of unnecessary electricity. After a few minutes the boardroom is darkened if there is no movement and the projector also switches off or stays off if it has not been used.
We have uncovered the use of unnecessary electricity in bathrooms, thereby we have installed motion lights in all our bathrooms to minimize our carbon footprint. Through motion sensors, our bathrooms do not use electricity if there is no one in them and thereby enabling a sustainable solution in our offices. The sensors are activated when the doors are opened and consistent movement, but after a few minutes of non-movement the lights switch off to enable a sustainable solution for our offices.
During the Covid-19 pandemic, our motion sensors in the bathrooms have enabled us to minimize the touching of surfaces and protecting our employees from the virus. Through motion sensors we have eliminated the fumbling for switches in the dark and by eliminating the contamination of surfaces.
Through the use of motion sensors we have uncovered the environmental benefits, and therefore we have implemented the solution of switching off the lights in all our offices overnight and over the weekends. By switching off, we have minimized our carbon footprint drastically.
We have changed all our globes to LED lights to enable a sustainable solution that has a longer lifespan. Through LED lighting, we have minimized our carbon footprint and enabled a sustainable solution in our offices. We have enabled a sustainable solution through our office lighting that minimizes our carbon footprint effectively.
Through the efficiency of switching off our lights we have implemented the same strategy with all our computers and laptops, overnight we switch off all our devices to minimize the usage of unnecessary electricity. Our stand by and support staff keep their devices on to ensure our 24/7 end-to-end solution is effective. Through the implementation of switching off, we have extended the lifespan of our devices.
Through the looming chance of power cuts, we have safeguarded our devices from power surges at night by having them switched off. By switching off of our devices, we have increased device lifespans and implemented sustainable solutions that minimize our carbon footprint.
Innovative sustainability solutions:
Through small changes, you can make a big difference. In our offices, we have implemented the use of reusable mugs and stainless steel utensils. By reusing kitchenware, we have minimized our waste to protect our landfills from non-recyclable material. Through the reusing of mugs, we have also minimized our water wastage with minimal washing of dishes during the day. Employees are encouraged to bring their own water bottles to the office, and thereby they bring reusable bottles that minimize our waste in the office.
Our offices have implemented coffee machines that do not use paper filters or plastic pods, thereby creating a sustainable solution. Through innovative technology, our coffee machine eliminates the wastage of filters and water. By eliminating the wastage of paper and plastic, we have created a sustainable solution that is sourced from local vendors.
Employee initiatives:
Through the implementation of sustainable solutions in our offices, we have motivated our employees to take a sustainable approach in life. Our offices are close to the train stations and multiple of our employees use this mode of transport. The train is a sustainable transport solution as it minimizes the carbon footprint of every user.
Employees have implemented carpool solutions among themselves to minimize their carbon footprint and to enable a cost-effective solution. Through the use of public transport and carpooling, our employees have minimized their carbon footprint efficiently.
Enterprise Outsourcing has understood the need for creating a sustainable environment in the office and thereby have implemented multiple solutions in our offices. Through water based air conditioning, we keep our office cool in the summer with an electricity and water saving method. With effective digital solutions, we have fast tracked our productivity and minimized our paper usage by going digital. We have transformed our lights to eliminate any unnecessary usage through motion sensors and LED globes. We have started a new switching off initiative in our offices to minimize our carbon footprint effectively. Through minimal changes, we have minimized our wastage of products by replacing them with reusable solution. We have motivated our employees to implement sustainable solution in their own lives through innovative transport solutions.
Through minimal changes, we have empowered our offices to have a sustainable approach in the workplace. Through the implementation of green solutions in the workplace, we promote a healthy environment for our employees. We realise that our earth is at stake, and that is why we have taken action.
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