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07 November 2022
Emails are a lifeline in any organisation. It is important to partner with an email solution provider that understands the key components that are required to hosting, managing and filtering email aspects to optimise current business processes. Enterprise Outsourcing understand and implement the key components for any business to guarantee secure access to all company emails.
Emails enable businesses to communicate effectively and have physical data to utilise for project completion. It is essential to have professional email addresses that are linked to your organisation. Creating and hosting email accounts is an essential component needed to eliminate any downtime and prevent any data loss. Enterprise Outsourcing empowers businesses with a tailored email solution that includes the creation of workplace email addresses that are linked to your organisation. Our trained experts host your email accounts that prevent any downtime to guarantee continuous business operations. Empower your business with a dedicated work email that is externally hosted to eliminate downtime and to ensure that work and personal lives are separated.
Managing and maintain email hosting environments is a big task as it guarantees that you have zero downtime. Ensure continuous business communication with accessible email accounts with a team of trained experts that manage and monitor your environment. Enterprise Outsourcing is dedicated to ensure that your email hosting environment is up and accessible by all users. We manage and monitor your email solution even when you are not in the office to guarantee optimal business operations.
Spam emails enter any mailbox, and they are a pain and can cause damage when individuals click on questionable links. It is essential to have content filtering on all mail boxes to minimise your risk of phishing attacks. Keep your workforces secure by blocking malicious and time-wasting content on all devices, networks, and mailboxes. Enterprise Outsourcing offers robust content filtering on all our email solutions to ensure that your organisation is protected from malware and malicious content that harms individuals and devices. Implement tailored policies to guarantee complete protection and prevent unauthorised access to certain content. Stay protected with content filtering.
Mail boxes on any device at one point become full, and you receive “mailbox is full” notifications. It is essential to perform regular email backups and archive emails to prevent losing any essential or sensitive business information. Enterprise Outsourcing implements schedules for all data backups of all your email accounts. Have access to secure data backups on our private cloud servers. Have access to our cloud solution to archive your data, there to open up space on your email accounts. Guarantee enough space to never miss an email from a client with email backups and cloud archiving.
Remembering passwords is a struggle that affects everyone at one point. Enterprise Outsourcing offers their clients the capability to reset their passwords themselves with a password reset tool. Ensure that you always have access to your password-protected email account even when you forget your password.
Emails play an essential role in our daily lives. It is important to have a trusted email solution provider that provides you with a holistic email solution. Enterprise Outsourcing provides your business with a comprehensive email solution that aids in increasing your productivity while keeping your mail boxes secure with email filtering. Ensure business continuity with access to 24/7 IT support that assists you to stay up and running. Discover how you can increase your productivity with our email solution.
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